TSC Gives Categories Of JSS Interns Sacked

TSC Gives Categories Of JSS Interns Sacked

TSC Gives Categories Of JSS Interns Sacked

Just 742 junior secondary schools have been dismissed as a result of large-scale protests in which thousands of workers came to the streets to demand permanent employment, according to the Teachers Service Commission.

The intern teachers began their protests on May 13, the day that classes resumed for the second session. The TSC sent letters of show cause to the professors who had resigned in protest on May 22.

They were required to submit their answers in two weeks. The Commission states that “10,348 who absented themselves from work from May 13, 2024, were given show-cause letters to explain their whereabouts.”

Only 9,606 teachers, out of 10,348 who got the show-cause letters, were able to reply within the allotted two weeks, according to TSC.

According to TSC, 742 of those teachers had their contracts terminated and replaced since they failed to show up for work and their locations were unknown.

The 46,000 interns are divided between the 742 teachers, or 1.6% of the total.

TSC reported that it has up to 46,000 teachers under contract for internships around the nation.

Nesflashudates.com has obtained letters dated June 6 that the Commission sent to the interns.

Several of the teachers were fired due to what the TSC referred to as “professional misconduct,” according to termination letters dated June 6 that Nesflashudates.com saw on Monday.

Part of the termination letter said, “The Commission has decided to terminate your internship engagement with effect from June 6, 2024, on the grounds that you engaged in acts of professional misconduct in that you deserted duty with effect from May 13, 2024, to date while engaged as an intern teacher.”

“This relates to the show cause letter dated May 22, 2024, wherein you were given the chance to clarify why your internship should not be terminated due to professional misconduct.”

The Commission stated that after giving some of the responses considerable thought, it determined that they were inadequate.

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