How Baringo Residents Are Keeping Bandits Away

How Baringo Residents Are Keeping Bandits Away

How Baringo Residents Are Keeping Bandits Away

Some Baringo locals have given up raising goats, calves, and other animals in order to protect themselves from bandit assaults.

Early in 2023, the people living in Baringo South switched to subsistence farming in order to provide food security for their family in the unrest-plagued area.

A local told Citizen TV that cows were causing a lot of trouble because they were luring bandits to their premises, who then forcibly removed the residents’ cattle.

They implored the government to intervene on their behalf and provide water so they could irrigate their property and grow a wider variety of crops.

“Cows are bringing a lot of problems because these people (bandits) want cows or their herders. We decided to plough our land and plant crops. If the government can help us to continue with this project by ensuring water supply for irrigation, we will stop rearing cows or goats,” a resident said.

John Wendot from Kasiela said they were only planting maize and beans because they do not require much water, unlike onions.

Residents use water from river Olarabel by digging trenches that take water to their farms. 

They sell their produce in Marigat and Kabel markets but according to Paul Lekirongozi a resident of Kasiela transport has been a big issue.

“If the roads are good, we are sure that the economy of this country will change but if the roads are not up to standards then we do not have so much expectations in terms of food security and economic growth,” Lekirongozi opined.

The view from the Korkoron Hills is amazing, with many inhabitants’ farms showing off their well-kept, robust crops with a vibrant green hue.

Despite their seeming silence, robbers were hiding among the bushes, waiting for the perfect opportunity to ambush their victim and chase their animals away.

Under the banner of “Operation Maliza Uhalifu,” President William Ruto authorized the deployment of the Kenya Defence Forces to the North Rift at the beginning of 2023 in an effort to drive away bandits from the volatile area.

Former Chief of Defence Forces, the late Francis Ogolla, recognized during his tour of the area that a number of initiatives and drills in the North Rift region have contributed to the overall objective of bringing about peace and stability.

“We are totally committed to this operation, and as long as we are utilizing the Multi Agency Framework, our goal stays the same. Ogolla urged his soldiers to “keep up our engagement with the local government and the communities at large.”
Residents are enjoying the results of the operation a year later, but some are still concerned that stability and tranquility are elusive.

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