TSC Revises Qualifications For JSS Principals For 2025

TSC Revises Qualifications For JSS Principals For 2025

TSC Revises Qualifications For JSS Principals For 2025

The 8.4.4 curriculum is being replaced nationwide with the new competency-based curriculum.

A new curriculum was introduced a few years ago, and this year the first class was transferred to a junior secondary school.

All junior schools are currently housed in primary schools. As a result, the primary school head teachers are now serving as acting interim principals.

They have been acting since the start of the junior school transfer in January.

Over 10,000 head teachers of elementary schools attended the general convention of the Kenya Elementary Schools Head Teachers Association (KEPSHA), which was held in Mombasa.

In her statement, the cabinet secretary for education prodded and prodded people to accept accountability. In addition, he requested that they guarantee the entire course of teacher professional development.

The secretary general of the Kenya National Teachers Union, Collins Oyuu, was also present. The government’s announcement that the head teachers would be confirmed as junior school principals starting in 2024 was acknowledged and thanked by the secretary general.

Secretary General Collins Oyuu asserts that only individuals with exceptional academic credentials will be eligible for this fantastic opportunity.

There was also the prospect of better prospects, which served as motivation for educators to pursue postsecondary education.

Numerous problems have been found via comprehensive school administration. This is said by Collins Oyuu. But the sec gen stated that these matters needed to have been addressed by the school headteachers.

The secretary general also thanked this government for putting an end to teacher delocalization. He also expressed his gratitude to the administration for designating more teachers to assist in implementing the competency-based curriculum.

Regarding the advancement of P1 teachers to junior school administrator roles, we expect TSC to provide further details. However, commission-affiliated sources indicate that the headteachers’ confirmation as principals will move forward.

A major decision-making difficulty for TSC is the reality that some professors have master’s degrees and others have PhDs but do not have administrative roles. In the interim, let’s wait and see what the commission decides.

The competency-based curriculum states that in 2024, seventh-graders will move on to the eighth grade.

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