Over 800 Kenyans Lose Jobs After Muguka Ban

Over 800 Kenyans Lose Jobs After Muguka Ban

Over 800 Kenyans Lose Jobs After Muguka Ban

Following the ban on muguka and the closing of local stores that sold the drug, the unemployment rate in Embu County has increased.

A farmer named Kariuki Simba told the media on Saturday that there were only about 100 casual laborers being hired, as opposed to the previous 1,000.

“Earlier you would find that they have employed 1,000 people but now the number has decreased drastically,” he stated.

Simba disclosed that the decrease in numbers is a consequence of the prohibition on muguka in the coastal area. Leading the opposition against the stimulant is Mombasa County.

He went on to say that hundreds of people are now unemployed, and those who are working are doing so in shifts, which considerably lowers their pay.

Simba also disclosed a decrease in the quantity of miraa being sold. The losses suffered by the farmers have been made worse by this.

“The business was doing well prior to the prohibition, but since then, we have lost millions of dollars. The quantity of Miraa being sold now is less than it was previously “said the speaker.

He disclosed that certain farmers were choosing to discard their crops, while laborers were keeping the farms up and running in the meantime.

Notably, the purpose of this restriction was to keep kids who were in school from using the stimulant. According to each county’s regulations, anyone discovered selling miraa faces a fine and/or jail time.

Mombasa Governor Abdulswamad Nassir emphasized that the county was committed to protecting all children when the ban was implemented last month. Fatuma Achani, the governor of Kilifi, raised the muguka fees.

The county governments have been urged by the farmers to reevaluate the ban and instead implement regulations governing the sale.

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