TSC Leave Allowances Per Job Group

TSC Leave Allowances Per Job Group

TSC Leave Allowances Per Job Group

At the end of this month, teachers who work for the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will get an extra allowance. The annual leave allowance is a benefit that teachers receive once a year; the amount of this additional remuneration is set by the employment group to which the teacher belongs.

Among the several leaves available to teachers is a thirty-day annual leave that can be taken during school breaks. A teacher under the Commission is entitled to a maximum of thirty days of paid annual leave for each calendar year they work, regardless of their terms and conditions of employment.

It is emphasized by the Commission that annual leave should only be taken during school holidays and cannot be accumulated to be carried forward from year to year. To facilitate this process, teachers are required to submit their annual leave applications online, adhering to the procedures outlined in the Twenty Seventh Schedule of the TSC Code of Regulations for Teachers (CORT).

Effective from December 1, 2021, the Commission streamlined the leave application and approval process by transitioning it to an online system. Consequently, all teachers on the TSC payroll, including interns, are mandated to apply for leave exclusively through this online platform.

Types of Leaves

Sick leave, annual leave, compassionate leave, paternity leave, maternity leave, study leave, special  leave, adoption leave, and spouse of diplomat leave are among the leave options  offered  on the web platform.

The TSC Leave Allowance rates for teachers are outlined in Circular 14/2021 and  are based on the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2021–2025. The rates are broken down by job groupings. The following are these rates:

– Grade B5: 4,000

– Grade C1: 4,000

– Grade C2: 6,000

– Grade C3: 6,000

– Grade C4: 6,000

– Grade C5: 6,000

– Grade D1: 10,000

– Grade D2: 10,000

– Grade D3: 10,000

– Grade D4: 10,000

– Grade D5: 10,000

This system ensures that teachers receive fair and standardized allowances corresponding to their job groups, promoting transparency and equity in remuneration.

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