LSK Calls for Nationwide Protests Next Week

LSK Calls for Nationwide Protests Next Week

LSK Calls for Nationwide Protests Next Week

Due to Ruto’s assault on the judiciary, the Law Society of Kenya (LSK) has called for statewide protests this coming week.LSK criticized the president’s comments during a news briefing on Wednesday, accusing him of equating the courts with cartels.

The group said that Ruto’s comments might compromise the judiciary’s integrity. “The Law Society of Kenya will call its members to a countrywide peaceful purple ribbon protest march next week to affirm our oath publicly to defend the constitution, rule of law and the independence of the Judiciary,” Eric Theuri, the head of the LSK, said.

Ruto was also criticized before by the Kenya Judges and Magistrates Association for the same issue.A portion of the association’s statement said, “By disobeying the Court Orders, the President is disobeying the very Constitution which he swore to protect and uphold by trampling upon the independence of the Judiciary.”

According to the rule of law, a party may use their right of appeal if they are unhappy with the judgment rendered by the court. Once a party like this has gained the confidence of the public, they may even petition Parliament to enact legislation that align with the ideals and values of our Constitution.”Fredrick Okanga, the secretary for political affairs at KANU, was one of the leaders that pushed LSK to act decisively against Ruto because he was allegedly endangering the judiciary’s independence.

“The Executive Head has threatened Kenya’s judiciary and its personnel by abusing his position. It is imperative that the Kenyan judiciary take immediate action to counter these threats to the judiciary and its officers. “Where is Kenya’s Chief Justice, Hon. Martha Koome, in the interim? When the judiciary is in danger due to a rogue regime, where is the president of the Law Society of Kenya? stated Okanga.

Ruto was also criticized by other attorneys and opposition figures, such as Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo. “William Ruto is revealing his genuine self! For him, court orders have no meaning! I hope CJ Martha Koome would exert the courts’ full authority and reevaluate the moderate attitude to this regime! He will rig 2027 and defy orders from the Supreme Court to the contrary if this is not done, according to Amollo.

This coincides with Raila Odinga of Azimio’s previous vow to return to widespread protests in the event that Ruto’s government fails to revoke the Finance Act of 2023. According to Raila, the Act’s new taxes were harsh and were making life difficult for Kenyans.

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