Nigeria to Ban Degrees From Kenya

Nigeria to Ban Degrees From Kenya

Nigeria to Ban Degrees From Kenya

The Nigerian government declared on Wednesday, January 4, that it was stopping the assessment of degrees from Togo and the Benin Republic. Nigeria announced that it would be expanding the suspension to include Kenya, Uganda, and Niger once it was implemented, affecting 45 universities throughout the two countries.

Nigerian Education Minister Tahir Mamman, who promised to overhaul his nation’s educational system, conveyed this. The penalties were put in place after a Benin Republic institution awarded an investigative journalist a degree after fewer than 60 days of study.

Immediately after earning the degree, he used the certifications to apply and get deployed for the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).“We are not going to stop at just Benin and Togo. We are going to extend the dragnet to countries like Uganda, Kenya, even Niger here where such institutions have been set up,” Mamman announced.

He clarified that the suspension had been extended to Kenya and other nations in  order to purge degrees from questionable universities. The Minister went on to say that Nigerian citizens who obtained degrees from  institutions under suspicion would not be taken well by the country’s federal  government. “I don’t feel sorry for these folks. Rather, he said, “They belong in the criminal hierarchy and ought to be taken into  custody.” According to an inquiry, Nigerians were obtaining doctoral dissertations from  outside universities in order to utilize them as leverage for employment  possibilities at home.

The Nigerian Federal Government declared that it has sent security personnel to  apprehend anyone with forged certificates. The Kenyan government has not yet responded to Mamman’s statement. Furthermore, despite claims against Kenya, Uganda, and Niger, the Nigerian  government did not present any evidence that any institution in those nations had  provided degree credentials in violation of the law.

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