TSC deploys 4k head teachers following interviews of promotion

TSC deploys 4k head teachers following interviews of promotion

TSC deploys 4k head teachers following interviews of promotion

Just before the new academic year began in January, the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) purposefully reorganized the administration of more than 4,000 elementary schools. After the promotion interviews, transfer letters were sent to the impacted head teachers, clearly stating that they needed to report right away to their new assignments through the Sub-county Directors.

Less than a week had passed after the conclusion of TSC’s primary school teacher promotion interviews when this momentous reconfiguration took place, just after the results of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) exam were announced. Beginning on December 4th, 2023, these interviews were completed by December 15th of the same year.

A noteworthy challenge for the Commission stems from the considerable number of school heads retiring from their positions. By December of the current year, approximately 2000 school heads are expected to have retired. In response, the Commission posted job openings in September, targeting 36,505 promotions for both primary and secondary school educators.

The promotion interviews were conducted for primary school teachers belonging to job groups C1 through C4. C1 instructors vied for 10,819 Senior Teacher II (C2) positions in ordinary schools and an additional 700 positions in special schools. The Commission outlined specific documentation required during these interviews, including national ID cards, academic and professional certificates, appointment letters, subject results, and performance appraisal reports.

Approximately 100,000 primary and secondary school teachers were contacted for interviews after being shortlisted for the 36,505 seats that were open. Interviews for secondary school teachers are planned to take place between January 3 and January 16, 2024. Special schools are allotted 346 slots, whereas ordinary primary school C2 instructors are vying for 3,040 Senior Teacher I (C3) slots.

The competition intensifies as C3 teachers aim for the 1,930 Deputy Headteacher II (C4) positions in ordinary primary schools. Deputy Headteachers in C4 are also actively vying for 1,049 Headteacher positions in C5 for conventional primary schools and an additional 30 positions in special schools.

This round of interviews is special since it’s the first time sub-counties have interviewed school directors looking to advance, and it has a record number of teachers who were shortlisted for promotion by TSC.The goal of the dynamic leadership shifts is to optimize the educational environment by guaranteeing a skilled and evenly distributed teaching staff in elementary schools.

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