Raila Issues 4 Demands to Govt Over School Funding

Raila Issues 4 Demands to Govt Over School Funding

Raila Issues 4 Demands to Govt Over School Funding

Leader of Azimio Raila Odinga on Tuesday presented the government with a series  of requests about the distribution of school funding prior to the planned January 8  opening day. Prior to the start of classes again, Raila gave President William Ruto instructions in  a statement regarding the capitation issue for all public primary and secondary  schools.The leader of the opposition urged the State to fulfill its financial responsibilities to schools, including paying outstanding debts.

“The government must release all the monies owed to schools. It must also release capitation at the approved rate of Ksh22,244 per child for the financial year 2023/2024,” Raila demanded.He insisted that the capitation should be equitable among the schools, and pushed for unions, Parents Teachers’ Associations, and school Boards of Management to see it through.He argued that the denial of full capitation erodes fair and equitable access to education, whose ripple effect is disparity among regions.

Furthermore, he persuaded Ruto to reconsider his agenda for the upcoming year, arguing that one of the most important topics the government needed to focus on was education.”How does a government put money on so-called Affordable Housing but refuse to finance the education of our children?” Raila asked a question.

The head of the ODM urged civil society organizations and religious groups to hold the government accountable and guarantee that the State provides school funding in accordance with the constitution.He maintained that the best way to ensure that every child in the nation has an equal chance at life is to fully support schools.

Lastly, he instructed MPs to give funding for basic and higher education top priority.Before classes begin, our lawmakers must take decisive action to compel the administration to release financing for primary and secondary public education. Before Monday, funds must get to the schools, Raila commanded.

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