New Details On Transfer Of Nyanza School Principals

New Details On Transfer Of Nyanza School Principals

New Details On Transfer Of Nyanza School Principals

As previously indicated, there have been updates on the principal transfers within the Nyanza region. The purpose of these adjustments is to enable the promotion of several deputy principals and to fill posts left empty by retirements.

Additionally, there is a concerted effort to address the repercussions of the abolished policy of delocalization, which had led to the relocation of numerous teachers away from their hometowns.

One of the most prominent changes is the resignation of Kisumu Boys’ principal Duncan Owiyo in favor of Okello Austine Muma from Ringa Boys in Homa Bay County. Maurice Okal, who went to Ringa after working at Oriwo Boys High School in Homa Bay County, would be replaced as head of Sirembe Secondary School in Siaya by Owiyo.

Opanga Jared, the principal of Boro Mixed, is set to replace the retiring Jura Gabriel Onyango at Nyabondo Boys. Additionally, Sewe Catherine Akinyi, returning from Bungoma, will assume the position held by Jumah Bernadette Nanjala at St. Alloys Reru Secondary School in Seme Sub-county.

Further transfers include:

– Kisumu Boys (Kisumu Central): Owiye Duncan Otieno is succeeded by Okello Austine Muma from Ringa Boys (Homa Bay County).

– Nyabondo Boys (Nyakach): Jura Gabriel Onyango is succeeded by Opanga Jared Ochieng (Boro Mixed, Siaya).

– St. Alloys Reru (Seme): Jumah Bernadette Nanjala is succeeded by Sewe Catherine Akinyi (Bungoma).

– St. Albert Ranjira Mixed (Kadibo): Aswani Peter Wafula is succeeded by Ochieng Willis John (Got Agulu, Siaya).

– Ranjira Mixed (Kisumu West): Okiro Solomon Kokiro is succeeded by Apiyo Luke Agumba (Mariwa Secondary, Kisii).

The list goes on, with principals and deputy principals from various schools being moved to new positions in an extensive series of transfers designed to maximize leadership assignments throughout the Nyanza region’s educational environment.

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