Kenya’s Visa-Free Program Compromised

Kenya’s Visa-Free Program Compromised

Kenya’s Visa-Free Program Compromised

On Tuesday, January 2, the government declared that President William Ruto’s order on entry into Kenya without a visa will be delayed to a future date. The Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system, the alternative entrance application model, has not yet been fully established, according to a statement from the Kenya Civil Aviation Authority (KCAA).

As a result, visitors to the nation will still need to submit the customary visa application process through Kenyan embassies. The paper, which stated, “An Electronic Travel Authorization (ETA) system is in the process of development and implementation following the presidential directive that Kenya will be a visa-free country from January 2024,” was authenticated by KCAA officials.

“All travelers coming to Kenya from countries that require visas shall continue applying for visas in the usual manner until the government communicates the change program to the ETA system,” the statement added.

The ETA system, according to government spokesperson Isaac Mwaura, is meant to control the influx of visitors once the visas are scrapped. Travellers will be charged Ksh4,600 during the application for the permit, an amount lower than Ksh7,600 for a single entry visa.

ETA systems also improve efficiency and add an additional degree of security by eliminating needless delays, which permits unrestricted cross-border travel. In order to stop unauthorized migration, Kenya is also anticipated to use integrated border management systems at airports.

However, information about how the government would keep an eye on things and refuse entry to tourists who endanger the nation’s security has not yet been made public.On Jamhuri Day, President William Ruto declared that Kenya was on the path to becoming a visa-free nation, meaning that all foreign tourists would be allowed entry. President Ruto stated during his speech that the action was in line with international goals to promote smooth international travel and strengthen the regional tourism sector.

A few weeks earlier, Paul Kagame, the president of Rwanda, had likewise declared that his government intended to do away with the need for visas for all countries in Africa.

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