Kenya & Other Nationals banned From Relocating to UK

Kenya & Other Nationals banned From Relocating to UK

Kenya & Other Nationals banned From Relocating to UK

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Rishi Sunak, announced plans to forbid immigrants from relocating to the UK in his New Year’s address to the nation on Monday, January 1. “We are already delivering for the British people in 2024,” Sunak clarified, stating that his promise to the nation’s indigenous people served as the basis for the bold choice.

The Home Office, the UK government’s department in charge of immigration and  passports, endorsed the message. The Home Office stated in a statement that the goal of the policy was to supervise  a sharp reduction in immigration. The Home Office stated, “Post-graduate research or government-funded scholarship students will be exempt.”

Kenyans and other nationals are expected to be impacted by the new rule that prohibits international university students from bringing their families to the UK. Therefore, the majority of UK citizens expressed outrage over Sunak’s decision, saying that the PM was supervising the collapse of the country’s once-globally renowned university education system.

“This policy will significantly damage the funding of UK universities as international students will go elsewhere. That means that a generation of Britons will pay more to go to college and university, making it a preserve of the rich,” one UK citizen complained to the Prime Minister. 

Another citizen faulted Sunak’s statement by wondering how making life more difficult and unpleasant for foreign students would improve that of Britons.

Labour Party, an opposition wing in the UK, remarked that Sunak’s decision, supported by the ruling party, the Conservative Party, would see foreign students seek university admission in the United States and other European countries. 

“The UK, seemingly closed for business and foreign students, is on a slow decline and losing its relevance,” a member of the Labour Party stated. 

Don McGowan, a British citizen from Scotland who lamented that the strategy was  causing the UK to lose its standing in the world, added more weight to this. “We devastate the university sector, lose countless millions in GDP, and drive  overseas students to other nations.” a field in which Britain has led the globe for hundreds of years,” McGowan grumbled. In the academic year 2021–2022, 679,970 international students were enrolled in higher education, according  to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA).

The Immigration Advice Service estimates that 11 million immigrants call the UK  home, the majority of whom relocate with their families. Furthermore, according to the International Migrant Stock (IMS), around 150,000  Kenyans reside in the United Kingdom.

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