Headaches And Discomfort Starting January

Headaches And Discomfort Starting January

Headaches And Discomfort Starting January

For the first three months of 2024, Kenyans have been warned to brace themselves  for scorching weather that could bring on heat-related ailments including  headaches. The Kenya Meteorological Department predicted in January that the first quarter  of 2024 will be bright and dry throughout most of the country.

According to Kenya Met, heat stress may also result from the high temperatures that are predicted for January across the majority of the nation. Thus, the advice given to Kenyans was to drink plenty of water and choose outside workspaces throughout the afternoon.

The weatherman continued by saying that rainfall will also occasionally occur in certain areas of the nation, such as the coast and sections of Western and Central Kenya.”While some places may occasionally see rain, the northern regions of the nation are predicted to be primarily hot and dry.

A portion of the prediction stated, “Temperatures are expected to be warmer than average over the whole country.”On the other hand, people in the nation’s north were told to get ready for rain in the final week of January.

“Water availability will be maintained by the anticipated rainfall in the southern half of the nation at the beginning of January. The public is urged to embrace techniques for collecting and storing rainwater.”The increased inflow into hydropower reservoirs is expected to boost hydropower generation and contribute to groundwater recharge for geothermal power production.”

The forecasts from Kenya Met further allayed concerns about prolonged El Nino Rains, which were expected to last into the first quarter of 2024.Over 170 Kenyans lost their lives and hundreds of pieces of property were destroyed during the El Nino rains that affected areas of the country in the latter months of 2023.

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