Court Bars TSC From Reposting Reinstated Teachers

Court Bars TSC From Reposting Reinstated Teachers

Court Bars TSC From Reposting Reinstated Teachers

The Teachers Service Commission (TSC) is  not allowed to send teachers affiliated  with the Kenya Teachers in Hardship and  Arid Areas Welfare Association  (KETHAWA)  back to the areas they had fled because of  security concerns, according to the  Employment and Labour Relations Court,  which has intervened.

The association promptly submitted a formal request to stop TSC from reassigning  these teachers to their prior roles in the Northeast until their case had been heard in  its entirety and decided.

In a statement sent by Wangonya Wangenye, National Secretary of KETHAWA, the  teachers conveyed their concerns about discrimination and the infringement of their  fundamental rights by TSC.

They emphasized that TSC had placed them under interdiction and taken  disciplinary action while they were off duty.

The TSC has sent out reprinting letters telling these educators to go back to their  previous North Eastern counties.

In the recent ruling, Justice B.O. Manani issued a directive to TSC, restraining them from reassigning the teachers to their previous roles in North Eastern Kenya pending the full hearing and determination of the application. The court emphasized the need to address the concerns raised by KETHAWA members and safeguard their rights during this legal process.

Furthermore, TSC was directed not to take any disciplinary action against the  teachers connected to KETHAWA.

The goal of the court’s ruling is to guarantee an impartial and equitable analysis  of  the issues supporting the instructors’ complaints.

Tinderet MP Julius Melly, the chair of the National Assembly Education  Committee,  urged TSC to lift the suspension of 129 teachers connected to KETHAWA on  October  19. Melly expressed her disapproval of the disciplinary action, calling it foolish and  cruel. She emphasized the need to listen to those who are insecure and offer  considerate  answers in place of harsh penalties.

The court’s action is in line with these worries, giving the impacted teachers’ fair  settlement top priority.

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