State closes the divisive Naivasha church

State closes the divisive Naivasha church

State closes the divisive Naivasha church

A church in Maella, Naivasha sub-county, whose members don’t take traditional  medicine, has been shut down by the  government.

Consequently, it has come to light that a number of churchgoers, including children,  have passed away at home from illnesses that were not properly diagnosed.

Following the contentious murders of four youngsters recently, the Naivasha sub-county security team decided to close the “Kanitha wa Ngai” (Church of God).

The deaths sparked a public outcry as locals questioned the church’s actions, as it  opposes modern medicine. Four sick children were rescued from one of the residences by police and locals, and  four individuals were taken into custody for suspected carelessness.

According to Mutua Kisilu, Deputy Commissioner of Naivasha, the police are looking  into the operations of the “sect,” which has more than 200 members.

Kisilu, who noted that the four suspects would be charged with various offences, said: “Members of the sect do not believe in vaccination of children. We have been forced to close the church and rescue some of the minors and have them vaccinated as they were very sick.”

“The number of members of the sect in the sub-count is rising by the day. Some of the members have been brought up under the controversial doctrines of this church.”

Ann Njeri, a member of the church, vowed they would not abandon their beliefs adding; “Our medication is in heaven, not on earth.”

The visibly emotional Njeri confirmed the death of one of her children who was buried in the church compound terming this as normal in their day-to-day life.

She declared, “We will not be intimidated. We are prepared to die defending our  beliefs, which have been persecuted in the public eye.”

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