An officer commits suicide Inside the Meru station

An officer commits suicide

An officer commits suicide

Shortly after writing his girlfriend a suicide  note, a police officer assigned to the  Timau Police Station in Meru committed  suicide within the station.

Officers at the station reported hearing a gunshot coming from Corporal Simon  Gitonga’s home, according to a police record that the source was able to get on  Friday.

Led by Sub-County Police Commander Buuri West and Deputy Officer Commanding Station, the officers rushed to the house and opened the door, finding Gitonga’s body lying in a pool of blood on the floor.

His gun, AK 47 rifle, was recovered by his side.

Preliminary investigations revealed that the officer had shot himself on the chin and the bullet exited through his upper right ear.

One empty cartridge and a suicide note were also recovered from the scene. In the suicide note, the officer alleged that he had been conned by a lover. The suspect is still at large.

The station’s Crime Scene and Investigations (CSI) officers processed and recorded  the scene.

In anticipation of a post-mortem, Gitonga’s body was taken to Nanyuki Referral Mortuary.

The tragedy brings to light the concerning number of law enforcement officer  suicides that had occurred in the previous year.

The National Police Service (NPS) reports  that at least 12,000 policemen are dealing  with mental health problems as a result of  work-related problems, as they frequently  operate  in high-pressure conditions.

Relationship issues, family-related challenges, and the high cost of living are further concerns. Psychologists, doctors, and counselors advise getting assistance if you encounter  any mental health problems. For assistance, contact the Kenya Red Cross at 1199, their toll-free helpline.

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