Delocalized Teachers To Receive Transfer Letter Next Week

Delocalized Teachers To Receive Transfer Letter Next Week

Delocalized Teachers To Receive Transfer Letter Next Week

Teachers Service Commission (TSC) will begin sending transfer letters to delocalized teachers who have applied to be transferred outside of their current county and region. Transfer letters are available for pickup from TSC county and regional offices for those whose transfer petitions have been approved.

According to details from the Commission’s headquarters, both regional and inter-regional transfer requests are processed to facilitate transfers in early January.

The importance of early transfer letters is highlighted by the primary and secondary schools’ impending reopening on January 8, 2024, as they allow instructors to immediately settle into their new stations and minimize disturbances to the learning process.

Under the direction of TSC Regional Directors, regional transfers entail the relocation of teachers within the same region from one county to another. The approval of teacher transfers to counties outside of their stationed region is the responsibility of TSC transfer boards at the national level.

A substantial number of teachers, approximately 26,871, are currently seeking transfers back to their home counties. This surge follows unsuccessful attempts during previous mass transfers due to a lack of suitable placements. The Commission’s transfer policy prioritizes ensuring that a teacher’s departure station has a suitable replacement and that there is a vacancy in the preferred station before approving a transfer request.

Before a transfer is finalized, TSC ensures the availability of suitable vacancies, replacements, and a balanced distribution of staff. Education CS Mr. Ezekiel Machogu stressed the importance of TSC’s mandate to transfer and post teachers, emphasizing equitable distribution and optimal utilization to guarantee quality education, as mandated by Article 43 of the Constitution.

Teachers interested in transfers must submit requests, and the decision is guided by factors such as the availability of vacancies, the need for replacements, existing staffing norms, medical reasons, or other considerations deemed by TSC. Delocalized teachers can track the status of their transfer applications through the online TSC transfer application portal.

The terms related to the TSC online transfer include:

– Pending: Indicates that the teacher’s application has been successfully delivered and is awaiting remarks from respective supervisors.

– Acknowledged: Displayed when the teacher is eligible for transfer and is awaiting the availability of a vacancy or the teacher’s suitable replacement.

– Not Approved: Indicates that the teacher’s request has been regretted due to conditions such as not meeting the required service period in the current station, lack of a suitable replacement, or vacancy.

– Approved: Displayed after the transfer committee approves the teacher’s transfer request. The transfer letter is then issued through the Principal for post-primary institutions and through the County Director for primary schools.

It’s noteworthy that a withdrawn transfer request implies its lack of success, and a new one can now be submitted if desired.

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