DCI Detectives Arrest 7  Associated with Ksh 2.85B Gold Scam

DCI Detectives Arrest 7  Associated with Ksh 2.85B Gold Scam

Following a raid on a private residence in  Kileleshwa, Nairobi County, on Wednesday,  detectives from the Directorate of Criminal  Investigations (DCI) detained seven  individuals on suspicion of conspiring to  scam two Malaysian citizens out of  Ksh2.85 billion.

The accused were conspiring with two security guards from a well-known security company, a Congolese, and four Kenyans, according to a statement  released by the DCI.

“The DCI Operations Support Unit (OSU) has arrested several suspects involved in a mega gold scam that targeted two Malaysian nationals, and recovered multiple tools of trade involved in the Ksh2.85 billion botched fraudulence,” read part of the statement.

The accused, in accordance with the police, had been conspiring with two  Cameroonian nationals to deceive the foreigners out of Ksh2.85 billion by selling  them counterfeit gold.

However, when the suspects flew into the nation, the detectives mobilized a  surveillance team to monitor the group’s movements based on an intelligence  report from the Kilimani Sub-County Criminal Investigations Officer.

The suspects drove for a remote Kileleshwa home after picking up the purchasers  from their hotel, and the cops followed them. The suspects led the officers precisely to their target, unaware that they would soon  be apprehended.

When the suspects spotted the detectives arriving at the compound, some of them, made a desperate attempt to evade arrest. Swiftly responding, the detectives pursued the fleeing culprits and arrested them.

“The scene was processed and several exhibits recovered including metallic boxes, 84 gold coated metallic bars, smelting tools, computers, documents & stamps from an international company and several uniforms from the security firm,” read part of the statement.

The detectives also seized five vehicles believed to have been stolen in various parts of the country. The suspects are currently being held in custody awaiting arraignment.

In October, DCI also arrested a trio involved in yet another gold scam. The trio was accused of planning to defraud a foreigner of Ksh5 million.

The accused were connected to a well-liked senator, as were a watchman and two women detained in Runda. Nonetheless, the lawmaker denied the accusations and removed himself from the  story.

“They are tarnishing my name and deforming my character and that is something  that I want to take legal action against so that we can stop this nonsense,” said the  politician.

DCI Detectives Arrest 7  Associated with Ksh 2.85B Gold Scam

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