Thugs Break Into Church and Steal Valuables Worth Ksh350K

Thugs Break Into Church and Steal Valuables Worth Ksh350K

Thugs Break Into Church and Steal Valuables Worth Ksh350K

On Wednesday morning, ten robbers broke into Deliverance Church in Elburgon and took away equipment valued at Ksh 350,000–400,000.According to Pastor John Gitonga, the incident happened between two and four in the morning.

According to the pastor’s account, the thieves gained entry into the church after breaking a window pane, after which, they made away with the equipment.

The man in the cloth disclosed that two amplifiers, a sound mixer, and a keyboard were taken by the assailants. “The security guard sent by the Church was monitoring the Girls’ Home from a separate section of the site. But he discovered the bandits attempting to detach the church’s drum kit, so he set off the alarm.The locals are amazed that there were no reported injuries or fatalities from the early-morning crime.

The incident has since been reported to the Elburgon Police Station and investigations into the case are ongoing.The Pastor called on the public to help them locate the equipment.“If you happen to come across these instruments: keyboard, mixer, and 2 amplifiers. Report to the police that they have been stolen from our church. Deliverance Church Int’l Praise Courts Tabernacle EL’burgon”.Residents of the area are now calling for heightened security measures in the area, citing increased robberies in the region.

Locals in the area expressed displeasure at the occurrence, citing the need to look into the robberies and the fact that gangs have been hitting churches and schools.After being connected to numerous insecurity occurrences in the area, a gang suspected of terrorizing locals was apprehended in July.

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