Teachers Threaten National Mass Protest 

Teachers Threaten National Mass Protest 

Teachers Threaten National Mass Protest 

The confrontation between the government  and 21,500 intern teachers at Junior  Secondary Schools (JSS) is becoming more  and more intense, posing a serious  threat to the educational system and possibly  leading to a crisis.

These interns, who were first hired by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC) to  help with the teacher shortage, are now clamoring for permanent jobs with  pensions, claiming they have a deal with the government.

The interns are not happy, even though President William Ruto promised them  permanent jobs following their two-year internship. They claim that because of their qualifications and TSC  registration, they should be paid properly instead of receiving internship stipends.

In the face of rejection of the government’s offer, the interns are gearing up for nationwide mass protests set to commence in January 2024. A current court order stands in the way of terminating their contracts until the case is heard and resolved, providing a legal foothold that bolsters the interns’ resolve in refusing to resume their duties.

Leading the charge, as led by the JSS National Interim Leadership, the teachers  stress how critical it is to preserve the original contract and push for instant  permanent employment. They fiercely oppose any efforts to force them into new  contracts that they believe violate the original terms.

The instructors have stated that they want to begin a strike in January 2024 in  response to the failure to receive permanent employment, which might potentially  disrupt JSS pupils’ education.

The internship contracts have provisions that forbid renewal or extension past  January, which further complicates the issue and increases the urgency of finding  a solution to this pressing deadline deadlock.

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