KCSE Candidates to Know Their Results Any time Tomorrow

KCSE Candidates to Know Their Results Any time Tomorrow

KCSE Candidates to Know Their Results Any time Tomorrow

In order to guarantee that examiners grade papers accurately, the Kenya National Union of Teachers (Knut) has asked for more time as the KCSE 2023 results are getting closer. Knut resident Aggrey Namisi voiced worries about the early release of KCPE results and urged Education Secretary General Ezekiel Machogu to carry up a comprehensive investigation prior to revealing the grades.

Namisi highlighted instances where pupils were allegedly awarded marks in sign language without proper practice, raising questions about the accuracy of the grading process. Knut’s appeal is for examiners to have adequate time to review questions, prepare, mark, and deliver credible answers.

Reliable sources intimate to our media team has indicated that Kenya National Examination Council KNEC may release the results on 28th, Dec 2023. This comes after several sources have given misleading information about these results which KNEC has declared fake.

Thorough examination of the results has caused a delay in their publication in order to prevent the same error from occurring again, as it did with the release of the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education, or KCPE.

This request is a result of past mistakes in the KCPE results for 2023, wherein some students were given grades for classes they never attended. After the errors were acknowledged by the Kenya National Examination Council (Knec), the schools in question utilized an SMS number to voice their displeasure and contest the outcomes. These appeals were confirmed by Knec CEO David Njengere.

As the countdown to the announcement of the KCSE 2023 results continues, the procedure is expected to involve browsing the education site, entering one’s name and index number, and hitting the “Search” button. This straightforward approach aims to provide students with convenient access to their results.

In conclusion, Knut’s request for more time emphasizes how crucial proper grading  is, especially in light of earlier anomalies in KCPE findings. Pupils can anticipate a simple procedure to view their results on the educational  website as they await the official release.

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