Three killed by suspected ADF insurgents in Kamwenge

Three killed by suspected ADF insurgents in Kamwenge

Three killed by suspected ADF insurgents in Kamwenge

Three persons have been slain in Kamwenge  district by suspected rebels from the  Allied Democratic Forces (ADF).

Isiah Kanyamahane Byarugaba, the resident district commissioner for Kamwenge,  claims that on Christmas Eve, the alleged rebels stormed Nyabitutsi hamlet in  Businge parish, Kamwenge sub-county, and set fire to a house, killing three people.

Adrine Ngwabiiji, 78, and her two grandchildren are among the deceased. Five cows and 10 goats were taken by the assailants. Nearly a week has passed since ten people were slain by alleged ADF rebels in  the Kibaale forest. When the victims were killed, they were keeping an eye on their crops to prevent  monkeys from destroying them.

In his message condemning the incident, President Yoweri Museveni said the attack was conducted by 4 killers believed to be the remnants of the Njovu-Kamusu group of 10 that entered Uganda from DRC Congo, some weeks ago.

“They had crossed back to Congo but came back. They are the group that killed the children of Nyabugaando school, killed the two tourists and their driver, and burnt the onion truck,” he said. 

As investigations continue, further information regarding these tragic incidents is expected to be released in due course. Until then, the inhabitants of Kamwenge District are left to mourn their losses and hope for a future free from the shadow of the ADF.

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