Political Wars That Shook the Country

Political Wars That Shook the Country

Political Wars That Shook the Country

Kenya’s dynamic political landscape was further energized in 2023 by the fallout from the fiercely disputed 2022 elections. The political narrative for the year was shaped by the actions and occasions involving political parties, which took center stage.

Examine the biggest political battles of 2023, ranging from aggressive takeovers to unsuccessful political party coups to forced party mergers.

Jubilee Party Wars

After the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) prevailed in the contest for the State House in the general elections of 2022, internal disputes arose within the Jubilee Party, which was led by former president Uhuru Kenyatta. Two groups emerged, one headed by Jeremiah Kioni and the other by EALA MP Kanini Kega, as the party turned into a battlefield for leadership disputes.

This internal strife led to intense court battles, with petitions filed and court orders issued. At one point, the Azimio Coalition-aligned faction even filed a petition against Kanini Kega and Nominated MP Sabina Chege, accusing them of falsely posing as party officials.

UDA NGC and Grassroots Registration

The United Democratic Alliance (UDA), having clinched the presidency and a majority in both houses, didn’t rest on its laurels.

The party focused on rejuvenating and strengthening its structure for the 2027 elections. 

A National Governing Council Meeting at the Bomas of Kenya brought elected Governors, Senators, MPs, and MCAs together. 

Under the direction of William Ruto, the party’s head, discussions resulted in a proposal for all affiliate parties to dissolve and join UDA.Originally slated for December, the party decided to postpone the grassroots elections until 2024 in order to give the political party more time to attract new members and give the affiliate parties more time to disband.

Political Parties Fund and Ensuing Disputes

Controversies surrounded the Political Parties Fund throughout 2023, with the ODM party contesting a reduction in funds, citing adverse effects on its political activities.

Leadership disputes in various parties resulted in legal battles, notably within the Jubilee Party, which experienced internal coups as factions vied for leadership. 

The Political Parties Tribunal approved a resolution dismissing former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s National Delegates Conference held on May 22.

Kenya Kwanza Parties Merger

Under Secretary General Cleophas Malala, UDA party officials pushed for affiliate  parties to become members of UDA during the Kenya Kwanza administration. In order to promote a more inclusive view of the country, this call urged groups like  Ford Kenya and the ANC to defect and join the UDA. The parties concerned fiercely protested the action, claiming that it threatened  multiparty democracy, and it forced the postponement of grassroots elections  that were originally set for December.

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