Petition Filed to Reject Affordable Housing  Bill

Petition Filed to Reject Affordable Housing  Bill

Petition Filed to Reject Affordable Housing  Bill

Seven Kenyans and the Mount Kenya Jurists Association filed the petition, arguing that too many taxes and levies have been introduced in the past year and that the private economy may run out of resources to meet other commitments and obligations if the court does not step in.

The petitioners, represented by attorney Kibe Muingai, contend that the government is attempting to enact the Affordable Housing Bill (2023), which they claim is unconstitutional because it attempts to shift the state’s responsibility to provide housing for its citizens to individual taxpayers, thus belittling the constitution.

“Despite the fact that there is no legal framework for the affordable housing schemes – which basically seeks to build high-rise ghettos across the Kenyan countryside – the government has engaged the overdrive gear to demolish existing homes and to evict homeowners from all areas covered by the Kenya Kwanza Government as ideal for the construction of high-rise ghettos,” read court papers.

Those names listed as respondents include the Attorney General, the Cabinet Secretary for Finance, the KRA, the National Assembly and the Senate.Interested parties in the matter include Kenya Kwanza Coalition, Azimio la Umoja and the Kenya National Commission on Human Rights (KNCHR).

The petitioner further claims that Kenya Kwanza violated Articles 209 and 210  of the constitution by abusing its authority to collect and levy fees. The government sent a revised version of the Affordable Housing Bill before the  National Assembly two weeks ago. The bill suggests a fine of 10 million shillings for anyone found to have embezzled  the money, with penalties for failing to pay the charge up to 3% of the outstanding  balance for each month that the arrears remain unpaid.

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