Murkomen Addresses Senator Ledama

Murkomen Addresses Ledama

Murkomen Addresses Ledama

Kipchumba Murkomen, the transport cabinet  secretary, was compelled to defend  himself on Sunday after a Narok senator called  him out on unfinished roads in his  county.

In a statement, Murkomen attributed the bad condition of the road on a financial  crunch and said he was having difficulty persuading Treasury to release the funds  necessary to enable its completion.

Murkomen claimed that the Treasury’s reluctance had compelled contractors to  lower their ax.

The Cabinet Secretary disclosed that although he made sure their payment was  handled, he was also trying to persuade the contractors to return to the job site.

“Negotiating with contractors to go on-site without any payment hasn’t been easy. We are working with the treasury to see if we can get some little cash to support. The contractor has been ready and willing but the financial support is pending,” he stated.

However, Murkomen noted that the road was passable for the time being. He urged the residents to be patient until the construction was completed.

Ole Kina had questioned why the road was yet to be completed despite a promise from the CS while appearing before the Senate in a past session.

Ledama complained that the incomplete section was impassable during the rainy season hindering transport in the region.

The senator who was at the said road showed the distinction between the murram and tarmacked road and how motorists were forced to adjust to the change and brave the dusty road.

“My good friend Murkomen, you promised that in two weeks this road would be complete, but look at it now, you can’t even complete six kilometres,” he stated.

Olekina further charged that since taking power, the current government had broken  its pledges to Kenyans. He begged the leaders to change, saying they were all rhetoric and no action.

He asked CS Murkomen to make sure the road is fixed by the beginning of next year,  reiterating that he would check in to see how things were going.

Politicians have called for CS Murkomen to take action because of the nation’s  crumbling and incomplete roads, which impede traffic and endanger the lives of  drivers.

Murkomen had previously charged MPs with embezzling money intended for county  highways, resulting in subpar road systems.

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