Kids buried in church compound and denied medication; Naivasha

Kids buried in church compound and denied medication

Kids buried in church compound and denied medication

Concern has been expressed by Maella  residents in Naivasha over the deaths of  more than five young people from a  contentious sect in the neighborhood during  the past year.

The locals demand an investigation into the Church of God and the arrest of its  officials for failing to take youngsters to the hospital, which resulted in their deaths.

This occurred as four sick children were saved by police and the public, and their  parents were detained for maltreatment.

Already, the church leader has fled the area with details emerging that some of the dead minors were buried in the church compound in unclear circumstances.

One of the elders, Gilbert Njuguna, whose wife is a member of the church, says one of his children died and was buried within one day while he was away.

Njuguna who is a Community Health Promoter says that members of the church do not believe in taking medication based on their religious beliefs.

He fell out with his wife after she joined the church, and wants it investigated and closed down if possible.

One of his children died and was buried in the church compound while members camped in the church from Friday to Sunday conducting unknown business.

Another resident Bernard Kamau said that members of the sect were rising gradually leading to more suffering for tens of children.

A member of the sect, Ann Njeri, vowed that they would not abandon their beliefs noting that their treatment and medication lay in heaven and not on earth.

An emotional Njeri confirmed the death of one of her children who was buried in the church compound terming this as normal in their day-to-day life.

According to Bernard Kamau, a resident, the number of members of the sect is  gradually increasing, which is causing tens of thousands of youngsters to suffer  more.

Ann Njeri, a member of the group, pledged that they would not give up on their  beliefs, emphasizing that their medicine and care were provided in heaven rather  than on earth.

Njeri acknowledged the loss of her child, who was buried in the church property,  with great sorrow, describing it as a routine part of their daily lives.

Chief Mary Njeri, the area assistant, verified the parents’ detention and the church’s  existence, adding that her superiors had been notified of the same.

MP Stephen Muthua, the area’s representative, reviewed the events in Shakahola,  Kilifi, and added that the Maella problem needed to be looked into before more  people died.

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