TSC Assigns A Union For JSS Teachers

TSC  Assigns A Union For JSS Teachers

TSC Assigns A Union For JSS Teachers

A new regulation from the Teachers  Service Commission (TSC) requires Junior  Secondary School (JSS) teachers to join the  Kenya National Union of Teachers  (Knut) for the current academic year.

With effect from this day forward, all teachers employed by organizations classified  as junior secondary schools must become members of KNUT, which represents  a substantial shift in the union membership of these teachers.

The TSC guideline also recommends resolving labor disputes involving these  professors in the past.

Considering that KNUT has historically represented primary school teachers, the  change is notable.

As an alternative educational organization, the Kenya Union of Post Primary  Education Teachers (Kuppet) represents educators primarily in secondary schools  and other educational environments.

Aligning with their predecessors in primary schools, teachers in junior secondary schools will adhere to the same monthly dues and contribute 2% of their base salary to the Knut union. This adjustment signifies a uniformity in financial commitments across different educational levels within the teaching profession.

It is important to note that a significant portion of junior secondary school  instructors were paid throughout the month of April.

The practical ramifications of the directive and its immediate influence on the  financial elements of teaching professionals in this educational sector are  highlighted by this development.

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