Full Scholarships Available to KCPE and  KCSE Candidates

Full Scholarships Available to KCPE and KCSE Candidates

Full Scholarships Available to KCPE and KCSE Candidates

The crucial role that education plays in  combating poverty is emphasized by the  United Nations Educational, Scientific, and  Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

The United Nations asserts that education is essential to ending the cycle of  enduring poverty and halting its generational transfer.

Education is important when it comes to Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta’s Big  Four Agenda.

Kenya’s scientific ideas, initiatives, and discoveries are protected by strong  systems that the President has continuously asked relevant ministries to set up.

To adapt to a rapidly evolving world marked by significant advancements in science and technology, the Competence-Based Curriculum (CBC) was introduced, aiming to help students stay abreast of these changes.

The funding of public universities that offer postsecondary education options is  supported by the government. TVET programs are included to provide students  with relevant skills.

Financial limitations prevent a number of Kenyan candidates from moving on to  secondary and university education despite their best efforts.

A number of foundations fill this void by providing scholarships to worthy students,  each with its own requirements for full or partial support.

The top ten foundations supporting this cause are as follows: 1. The Foundation for Kengen granting yearly academic support to graduates from underprivileged, rural, or  marginalized populations who demonstrate academic excellence.

2. The Foundation of Strathmore University providing a range of programs that include bursaries, personalized support, special  sponsorships, and academic excellence to help secondary and postsecondary  students who are succeeding in different areas.

3. Foundation for Equity Group providing financial support and mentorship to worthy elementary and secondary  students around the country, with a focus on financially disadvantaged children from  diverse backgrounds.

4. The USIU Foundation for Africa offering full and partial academic sponsorships based on merit, according to  qualifying requirements for students from marginalized groups and high achievers.

5. The Foundation Jomo Kenyatta committed to giving public primary and secondary education scholarships to  underprivileged kids and orphans. 6. The AGSP, or Ambassadors Girls’ Scholarship Program

Offering scholarships to girls in economically disadvantaged areas or facing adversity in Western, Central, and Eastern African countries.

7. Scholarships from the Canadian Harambee Education Society aimed at giving females scholarships for secondary school in order to improve  the lives of women and communities in Kenya and Tanzania.

8. Scholarships from the Cooperative Bank Foundation helping intelligent but impoverished Kenyan kids who are having financial difficulties  paying for their secondary education; certain qualifications must be met.

9. Scholarships from the Elimu Fund helping bright Kenyan students who are struggling financially to pursue and finish  their secondary education.

10. Scholarships from KCB Foundation giving more than 200 scholarships for secondary education each year to talented  youngsters from low-income households.

Every foundation contributes significantly to the advancement of education by  removing obstacles related to money and encouraging students to strive for  academic success.

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