The 2023 KNEC Examiners Have Been Paid

The 2023 KNEC Examiners Have Been Paid

Hundreds of examiners for the Kenya  Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE)  exams for 2023 have finally returned home  after a torturous wait in Nairobi.

Five days after they finished their work at the testing facilities where they were  assigned to mark exams, the trip home began on Monday.

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) processed down payments for  its services, which caused a delay.

Examiners confirmed on Monday that their funds had been received through the  Mpesa mobile money platform, expressing relief and thanks.

Acknowledging the timely payment, one examiner conveyed their gratitudestating, “I thank God for answering my prayers; Knec has finally wired the money to my Mpesa account.”

Another examiner, who had borrowed transport to return home after spending time at a relative’s house in the city, expressed her joy at receiving the payment on Monday, enabling her to fulfill promises to her children for Christmas gifts.

The news of payments spread through WhatsApp groups created by the examiners, with messages of excitement and relief. A Knec official confirmed that all examiners had been paid as promised, addressing the concerns that had caused frustration among the examiners. Previously, some examiners had been stranded in Nairobi due to a lack of transport funds after being cleared from examination marking centers.

Notwithstanding the difficulties, the examiners rejoiced at the outcome, posting  happy messages in their own WhatsApp groups such as “Knec has behaved, marking hatuachi.” The examiners were comforted by a Knec representative who said, “The examiners  are happy now that Knec paid them as promised.”

Examiners were upset about the payment delay; several expressed displeasure  over promises broken and difficulties getting home. Plans to purchase Christmas presents for their family were also affected by the  payment delays. Over the course of the seven-day exercise, the examiners marked 150 papers on average each day. 

They  evaluated a variety of subjects, including English Paper 3, for which the  compensation increased from Sh77 in 2022 to Sh80 per paper in 2023 in addition  to an increased coordination fee.

The difficulties these examiners encountered demonstrate how crucial it is for the  testing system to have prompt and open compensation procedures.

The 2023 KNEC Examiners Have Been Paid

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