Headteacher sentenced for defiling 16-year-old pupil

Headteacher sentenced for defiling 16-year-old pupil

Headteacher sentenced for defiling 16-year-old pupil

A headteacher in Tana River County was sentenced to 15 years in prison for defiling a 16-year-old student in exchange for a high Kenya Certificate of Primary Education score (KCPE).Hola Resident Magistrate Benson Kabanga, who was presiding over the case, declared that the prosecution had proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt.

The prosecution, lead by Prosecution Counsel Michuki Alfred, called eight witnesses, all of whom strengthened the case against the defendant.Kabanga declared in his decision that the teacher had disregarded his duty to shield the pupil from abuse or damage of any kind.

According to the Sexual Offences Act, a person who defiles a child between the ages of sixteen and eighteen years is liable upon conviction to imprisonment for a term of not less than fifteen years.Kibera Law Courts, on the same day, sentenced a man to serve 60 years imprisonment for defiling a 2-year-old child.

“The prosecution through Miss Jane Gitahi called seven (7) witnesses, and when the accused was placed on his defense, he was unable to dislodge the prosecution case,” the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) stated. In a case similar to this one, a High Court in Embu sentenced a former DCIO to serve 20 years imprisonment on two counts of rape and a further 10 years imprisonment on a count of abusing position of authority.

“The Appellate Court, in setting aside the judgment of the Trial Court, agreed that the prosecution had proven all counts overwhelmingly and that the Trial Court had erred in descending into the arena of litigation and in considering extraneous factors while acquitting the Respondent,” the ODPP detailed. The former detective was accused of raping a victim while in custody at his police station. The ODPP filed an appeal at the High Court following a lower court’s release of the former police officer.

The former detective was charged with raping a victim while being held at his police  station, according to the ODPP.Following the former police officer’s release by a  lower court, ODPP filed an appeal with the High Court. “The Appellate Court, in setting aside the judgment of the Trial Court, agreed that  the prosecution had proven all counts overwhelmingly and that the Trial Court had  erred in descending into the arena of litigation and in considering extraneous  factors while acquitting the Respondent,” the ODPP stated.

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