Hard Times Ahead As MoE Releases Fee Structure

Hard Times Ahead As MoE Releases Fee Structure

Hard Times Ahead As MoE Releases Fee Structure

The Ministry has modified the fee schedule for  the next academic year in the  newly updated rules.

This change is intended to lessen the effects of increased food product prices,  which are essential to the smooth operation of educational establishments.

Consequently, parents are advised to make advance arrangements for fee payments, urging fiscal prudence during the festive season, as meeting these expenses will require a deeper financial commitment.

In particular, parents whose children attend National schools now have to pay an  annual cost of Ksh 73,182, which is a significant increase of Ksh 19,628 over the  current Ksh 53,554 fee.

Students attending County and Extra County schools are also subject to these  changes; the verified yearly price is Ksh 66,023, which is Ksh 25,488 more than  the previous Ksh 40,535.

Parents of day school attendees, enrolled in the lunch fee program, will now incur an additional Ksh 5,372 per year. This financial adjustment underscores the necessity for careful financial planning on the part of parents.

Fee structures for various levels of secondary schools in Kenya:

1) National Schools Fee Structure

The Fee Structure for County and Extra County School

New Fee Structure for Day Schools

The aforementioned adjustments underscore the significance of early financial  planning and the heightened financial accountability imposed on parents to  guarantee their children’s education.

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