CS Machogu Warns Principals Against Fee Increments

CS Machogu Warns Principals Against Fee Increments

CS Machogu Warns Principals Against Fee Increments

Principals of secondary schools who are thinking of raising fees for their students have received a stern warning from Ezekiel Machogu, Cabinet Secretary for Education. Overseeing the announcement on Monday at Lenana School of the secondary school placement of the 2023 KCPE candidates, Machogu stressed the government’s dedication to relieve parents of extra financial strain during difficult economic times. He said that school administrators don’t have the right to raise prices and that increases in fees shouldn’t happen unless his administration specifically approves them. Machogu reiterated that in 2024, boarding costs in public secondary schools won’t alter.

In light of the harsh economic conditions, the CS expressed the view that it would be unjust for schools to impose fee hikes. Addressing county and regional directors of education, he warned of swift action in response to any unauthorized fee increments, emphasizing their responsibility to prevent principals from imposing additional fees.

Machogu’s comments underscore the government’s determination to prevent parents from facing unforeseen and unauthorized financial obligations. The Ministry of Education’s directive serves as a reminder that any deviation from established guidelines will not be tolerated, with severe consequences for non-compliance.

Furthermore, Machogu issued an order that forbade schools from requiring parents to buy uniforms from particular stores, highlighting the idea that parents ought to be able to purchase uniforms from any store. He said that it is a conflict of interest for principals to be involved in company dealings. He also opposed this practice.

Highlighting the reporting date for 2024 Form One students as January 15, 2024, Machogu advised candidates to access their results and download joining instructions from the Ministry’s official website. He stressed that candidates must present the letter to the head teacher of the primary school where they took their KCPE Examination for authentication upon downloading the joining instructions.

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