A woman plunges into a river with her twins

A woman plunges into a river with her twins

A woman plunges into a river with her twins

In Mukulusu village, Shinyalu sub-county, Kakamega, a mother submerged herself and her twins into a flooded river.Witnesses said that the 34-year-old hurled herself into the River Isiukhu while carrying her kids, prompting onlookers to jump in to save them.

Her body and legs were in the water, and her hand was resting against a rock. The witness added, “One of us went into the water and found her still alive.The aforementioned witness claimed that the woman was taken to the hospital right away for additional care. Regretfully, one of her kids was found dead when it was later recovered from the river.

“One of the twins was found and taken to the mortuary. We have not been able to find the other one,” he further stated.The twins’ grandmother stated that her daughter-in-law had left her matrimonial home to attend a funeral alongside her twins.

“I am so sad to lose my grandchildren. I wished them farewell when they left, hoping that they would come back safely, only to get the news of their demise,” she lamented. 

The grieving granny suspected that the woman may have been embroiled in a conflict that drove her to throw herself and her children into the river.

Her family begged well-wishers to assist them in finding the missing youngster and to cover the cost of the funeral. We have medical costs from the mortuary and the hospital that I am unable to pay. The twins’ father begged for well-wishers to come and assist.

“We can’t bury just one of the twins. In order for them to be buried together, we must locate the other one,” he continued. It was unclear at the time if authorities had opened investigations to find out why the victim had experienced what happened.

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