Robbers Break Into Church to Drink Wine & Steal Equipment

Robbers Break Into Church to Drink Wine & Steal Equipment

Robbers Break Into Church to Drink Wine & Steal Equipment

On Saturday night, robbers stormed into  the PCEA Church in Rironi, Kiambu  County,  and stole church supplies after sipping church  wine.

As a result, Kiambu’s clergy expressed worry over an increase in robberies that  target houses of worship and cause property loss in the county.

Speaking on Sunday, Limuru Churches Chairman Bishop Aaron Ngaruiya lamented the robberies saying that they were affecting church activities. 

“They come to our churches and carry away the speakers that we use in services, some of them even end up drinking the church wine,” he stated.

Ngaruiya further called upon the security agencies to enhance patrols in the region to curb these raids which have been targeting churches for a long time.

“I would like to call upon the government during this time of Christmas celebrations to ensure that there are proper plans for security in our towns. As they do this, they should also look out for the security of our churches,” he added.

A security guy watching over the church grounds was hurt during the Saturday raid. An investigation has been opened by the police over this occurrence.

Daring vandals in August wrecked two opulent church vehicles by scaling a  perimeter wall of the Kerwa Catholic Church in Kikuyu, Kiambu County, where the  priest is also housed.

Another incidence occurred back in April 2021, when a group of thieves broke  into theVirgin Mary Orthodox Church in Ngecha, Kiambu County, and took  a 500kg imported  bell. After forcing open the church doors to get to the bell, the bandits fled with the  copper-made bell.

In addition to church robberies, there have been other robberies in Kiambu County  and other parts of the nation, with the victims pleading with the police to step  up theirinvestigation into these instances.

In an October incident in Kiambu’s Kingeero neighborhood, robbers went one step  further and stole a senior police officer’s pistol.

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