Over-age Candidates will Miss 2024 Placement

Over-age Candidates will Miss 2024 Placement

Over-age Candidates will Miss 2024 Placement

Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary  for education, has made it clear that no  public secondary school accepted adult  applicants for the Form One placement  process.

He made it clear that only qualified applicants from the 2023 KCPE Examination  will  be enrolled in public secondary schools; candidates who are too old will  attend  adult and continuing education facilities to complete their studies.

Addressing the public at Lenana School in Nairobi during the release of Form One placement results, Machogu highlighted the careful adherence to principles such as merit, choice, equity, affirmative action, and availability of space in the selection and placement exercise.

According to Machogu, candidates who scored 400 Marks and above were placed in either National or Extra County schools of their preference. Other candidates were allocated spots in county or sub-county schools, following the established parameters. Learners with special needs were placed in regular or Special Needs schools based on their disability categories, merit, and choice.

In order to assist underprivileged and vulnerable children in designated slums and  informal settlements, the Ministry persisted in implementing affirmative action. This is consistent with the government’s goal of attaining educational equity. Affirmative action resulted in the placement of 130 students—150 girls and  147 boys—in national schools and 167 in additional county schools.

Machogu stressed that the Djibouti Declaration of 2017 on Regional Refugee  Education was taken into account during the placement process. Pupils from elementary schools situated in refugee camps were housed,  demonstrating the dedication to diversity.

The placement process was launched right away after the results of the 2023  KCPE were announced on November 23. This showed that the administration is  certain it has enough space to accept all 1.4 million applicants who took part in  the previous KCPE.

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