Azimio Leaders Attack Ruto for His Controversial Sword Remarks

Azimio Leaders Attack Ruto for His Controversial Sword Remarks

Azimio Leaders Attack Ruto for His Controversial Sword Remarks

Leaders connected to Azimio have strongly criticized President William Ruto for his comments regarding his use of the sword and authority bestowed upon him to suppress opponents of his affordable housing project. The Head of State swore to handle the sword properly in a contentious speech on Saturday, claiming that it was not meant to be used for slicing vegetables when it was given to him as a symbol of power.

“Kenya’s opponents are those who are suing to prevent us from moving forward  with the affordable housing initiative. I want to reassure you that I will handle the powers you have given me. Please just say a prayer for me. The weapon was already delivered to me. Is it, do you suppose, for chopping vegetables? It’s to deal with these criminals, “said Ruto.

MCA Kileleshwa However, Robert Alai perceived malice in the President’s remarks and requested  that he refrain from threatening to sue everyone who disagrees with his programs.

He further added that Kenya was not an autocracy and citizens had the right to challenge decisions made by the government.

“Threatening Kenyans who are using the democratic routes to challenge you is treason and you deserve to be denied the chance to hold the sword further,” Alai lamented.

Rarieda MP Otiende Amollo chastised the President as well, pointing out that the threat extended to the courts hearing the cases as well as the parties and attorneys who submitted the court applications.”So, after being ignored in Bunge, you are now facing the fear of decapitation for questioning the validity of the housing tax! This is our level of depravity. said Otiende.

Pauline Njoroge, Jubilee’s deputy organizing secretary, agreed and recalled former President Uhuru Kenyatta’s worries that the sword would end up in the wrong hands. Uhuru supported Raila Odinga in the 2022 presidential campaign.

“It is extremely distasteful for the President to continually issue threats against Kenyans whose only crime is availing themselves the constitutionally provided mechanisms to fight the violation of their rights,” she shared

Outside the political circles, Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President Eric Theuri affirmed that the society will not be intimidated from challenging any government decisions that offend the constitution. Theuri faulted Ruto for using the sword as an instrument of oppression instead of upholding the constitution. “The Constitution of Kenya is our sword & we will swing it against impunity,” he stated.

Notably, LSK had teamed up with Senator Okiya Omtatah of Busia to oppose the  Finance Act 2023’s implementation. Omtatah specifically objected to the imposition of a 1.5% housing fee on all  Kenyans with salaries. On November 28, 2023, the high court declared the affordable housing levy  unlawful since it taxed Kenyans who were salaried and did not work in the  informal economy.

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