Helicopter With Passengers Bursts Into Flames

Helicopter With Passengers Bursts Into Flames

Helicopter With Passengers Bursts Into Flames

Sunday saw the crash of an airplane carrying ten persons who were seriously injured in the Kiunga district of Lamu County.The light aircraft was shown on camera completely destroyed by flames, most likely as a result of impacting the ground.

Reports indicated that the chopper was ferrying a Kenya Defence Forces pilot and nine other officers attached to KDF when the incident happened. Firefighters arrived at the scene and were working to put out the fire.

The plane which had just left the Kiunga Airstrip, hit electricity poles before crashing.The wreckage of the aircraft, which landed on a palm tree-filled thicket, scattered all over the scene showing the severity of the tragedy.

The video showed the aircraft pieces still engulfed in flames as rescue efforts continued.In the meantime, a large chunk of the area it fell on was damaged by the collision, including a dilapidated house nearby.

Investigations are still ongoing, thus the cause of the airplane accident is yet unknown.In a similar incident that occurred a month earlier, a KDF helicopter crashed at Wajir Airport on takeoff, injuring two persons.

The incident was caught on camera for thirty-one seconds, during which the helicopter was rising when it abruptly crashed in front of the people gathered around it.The victims of the crash were sent to Wajir County Referral Hospital right away and were then referred to Nairobi for specialized care.

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