Gauchagua Threatens Simba Arati Before Ruto

Gauchagua Threatens Simba Arati Before Ruto

Gauchagua Threatens Simba Arati Before Ruto

On Saturday, Kisii Governor Simba Arati’s security would be taken away by Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua if he organizes anti-government demonstrations in the county. Speaking at the Cardinal Otunga Mosocho High School Thanksgiving mass in Kisii, DP Gachagua acknowledged taking Arati’s protection away during the July heightened maandamano time.

According to Gachagua, the decision was pegged on protecting Arati’s armed aides from a confrontation with police deployed to quell riots. “Simba Arati, my friend, you were lamenting over security officers being withdrawn. We did not have any issue, and it is not the President who withdrew your security but me,” Gachagua noted.

We won’t let officers hurt each other, so if you start protesting again with your  officers, we’ll remove them as well. Are you aware of the reason? It was brought on by a small issue. Controlling demonstrations is an officer’s job. Thus, they will harm one another if you send your officers to the same protests,” he  continued. Security personnel affiliated to opposition leaders, according to Gachagua, allied  with demonstrators against those deployed by Interior CS Kithure Kindiki to guard  people’s lives and property.

We therefore made the decision to give the cops who were opposing the administration a break until the protests were over because they were still going on. We return your cops after the demonstrations are ended.Gachagua applauded Kisii locals for choosing peace, even though she had warned Governor Arati not to lead anti-government protests. She also advised them not to take to the streets.

“I have no doubt that you cannot go back to protesting, because Kisii people detest devastation. They are individuals that adore advancement, according to Gachagua.”Now, Governor, let’s get things straight. I told you to relax down because it was only a small problem. You were criticizing me, so I responded with, It’s simple: if you behave well, we’ll give you security.”

Arati avoided a confrontation with Gachagua, expressing gratitude instead for the return of his security guards. He criticized Gachagua in September of this year for what he claimed to be a witch hunt and the government’s attempt to weaken opposition leaders.

“I am happy that you restored by security, I had none, and now I have them all, and when we spoke, I am happy they came back, and we can work together,” Arati said.

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