A Traffic Police Officer Arrested for Soliciting Bribes 

A Traffic Police Officer Arrested for Soliciting Bribes

A Traffic Police Officer Arrested for Soliciting Bribes

A traffic police officer was detained on  Thursday by investigators from the Ethics  and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC) for reportedly  requesting a bribe from a driver  whose car he had seized.

The car was reportedly stopped by Shauri Moyo Police Traffic Base officer Corporal  Dobin Peter Naibei because it lacked a valid driver’s license.

He allegedly solicited the bribe to ‘facilitate’ the vehicle’s release.

The complainant however reported the matter to EACC after refusing to give in to Naibei’s demands.

EACC detectives later arrested the suspect, who faces bribery charges, before detaining him at Kilimani Police Station pending further processing at the Commission on Friday.

Confirming the arrest, EACC Spokesperson Eric Ngumbi said that the Commission is enhancing surveillance on highways across the country during this holiday season to enforce anti-corruption laws.

The Commission observes that some drivers willfully break traffic regulations in an  attempt to buy off law enforcement officials.

In this regard, drivers are encouraged to abide by all traffic laws and notify the EACC  of any suspected corrupt activities so that appropriate action can be taken, Ngumbi  stated on Friday.

“The Commission will continue to work closely with the Inspector General of Police  and other Government Offices in taming the menace of traffic corruption which not  only affects motorists but hurts the country’s image.”

A Traffic Police Officer Arrested

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