UK and Canada issue travel advisories to Kenya

UK and Canada issue travel advisories to Kenya

UK and Canada issue travel advisories to Kenya

Barely a week after the UK issued a similar  caution, Canada is the most recent  nation to warn its nationals traveling to Kenya  about potential security risks.

The foreign nations’ notifications center on the well-being of their own citizens, who are allegedly facing an increase in terror assaults,  particularly in Northern Kenya.

The UK warned its citizens against travelling to six regions highlighted as the main targets of terror groups. It also warned them against visiting crowded areas like malls, which have been targeted before. 

Some areas highlighted by the UK were the Kenya-Somali border, Eastern Garissa, Mandera, Tana River County and Lamu counties, and the coast between Tana River and Galana River.

“No foreign travel can be guaranteed as safe. It would help if you took personal responsibility for your travel,” read part of the alert.

On the other hand, Canada warned against four areas, including certain estates in Nairobi County, like Eastleigh, Kibera, and Pangani. Other areas are Turkana, Marsabit, Tana River, Kilifi, Mandera, Wajir, Garissa, and Lamu counties.

Canada also warned its citizens about potential carjacking, robberies, and kidnappings, especially in major cities like Nairobi and Mombasa.

“Be particularly alert during religious holidays, sporting events, and public celebrations. Terrorists have carried out attacks during these events,” read part of the warning.

Canadians were also warned about frequent blackouts in Kenya that may increase criminal activities. They were thus advised to plan accordingly and follow instructions from local authorities.

Other dangers the foreigners were warned about include fraud, road accidents, piracy, and spiked food and drinks, among others.

Ahead of the holiday season, on December 2, Amin Mohamed, the Director of  Criminal Investigations, released the third alert.

The head of DCI claims that more criminal activity occurs over the holiday season,  thus security staff are urged to exercise caution and safeguard Kenyans.

“Amin noted that it was at such a season of the year when criminals in their  numbers set out to interrupt the peace and safety of the citizens through violent  robberies, breakings and all manner of felonies,” the DCI said in a statement.

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