How Ruto’s Ksh2.2 Billion in 3 months

How Ruto’s Ksh2.2 Billion in 3 months

Between July and September 2023, President  William Ruto spent Ksh2.2 billion,  according to a report from the Office of  Controller of Budget.

The Executive Office of the President (OP) spent Ksh619.16 million and the State  House spent Ksh1.5 billion in the first quarter of 2023–2034 FY, according to the Budget Implementation Review Report.

As detailed in the report, most of the money was spent on salaries and compensation of staff in the various offices.

Ruto’s office reportedly spent Ksh320.51 million on staff, while the State House was believed to have spent Ksh687.53 million.

“Compensation to Employees includes basic salaries for permanent employees, wages for temporary employees, and personal allowances paid as part of the salary, among other payments to staff.,” detailed the report.

“The total expenditure under compensation to employees for the entire government was Ksh120.99 billion, representing 37.7 per cent of the Ministerial gross recurrent spending.”


For Domestic Travel, State House detailed an expenditure of Ksh73.78 million, with Ksh2.81 million used for foreign travel.

Meanwhile, the Office of the President used Ksh8.02 million for domestic travel in comparison with Ksh6.56 million used for foreign travel.

Purchasing New Automobiles

The Office of the President spent Ksh2.63 million on vehicle purchases and repairs  during the course of the three months. The State House did not document any spending in this area.

The State House reported spending Ksh300,000 on car upkeep, compared  to Ksh2.63 million for the Office of the President.

Greetings The State House spent Ksh3.34 million in  the hospitality category, while the Office  of the President had the most outlay,  Ksh61.37 million.

Energy With an estimated Ksh3.84 million spent on petrol and other lubricants, the Office  of the President was the largest consumer.

Additional Spending Pay Ksh24.84 million was spent by OP on the rental of generated assets. The State House did not report any spending in this area.

Instruction While the State House did not disclose any training expenditures, OP spent an  additional Ksh4.23 million on staff training.

Supplies and Utilities With an estimated spending of Ksh12.6 million on supplies and utilities, State  House was the largest consumer. Ksh5.52 was spent on supplies by the OP. Additionally, Ksh176.6 million in expenses from OP were classified as other  expenses.

How Ruto’s Ksh2.2 Billion in 3 months

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