KNUT Sec General Tells JSS Teachers “You Are on Your Own”

KNUT Sec General Tells JSS Teachers “You Are on Your Own”

KNUT Sec General Tells JSS Teachers “You Are on Your Own”

Amidst widespread protests, the Kenya  National Union of Teachers (KNUT) has  warned Junior Secondary Teachers (JSS)  about possible contract terminations.

At a fundraising event on December 11, 2023, KNUT Secretary General Collins  Oyuu stated that the union wants JSS teachers to have permanent, pensionable  employment, but he also pointed out that current strikes are impeding improvement.

Oyuu accused the Kenya Union of Post-Primary Education Teachers (KUPPET) of misleading JSS teachers and cautioned them that KUPPET might not be able to protect them if their contracts are terminated.

KUPPET Secretary-General Akello Misori had recently advocated for converting teachers’ contracts to permanent terms, warning of potential disruptions to the competency-based curriculum (CBC) if not done before January 2024.

Oyuu further alleged that KUPPET was actively supporting and financing the rallies organized by JSS teachers. KNUT’s Secretary General emphasized the union’s commitment to engaging in constructive discussions with the government, facilitated by the Ministry of Education, on procedures for absorbing teachers into permanent and pensionable contracts.

JSS teachers have been staging nationwide demonstrations over the past two weeks, expressing dissatisfaction with the government’s failure to revise the terms of their contracts. The teachers have threatened not to resume their duties in January unless their concerns are addressed.

This comes after the Senate summoned  the Teachers Services Commission  (TSC) to investigate claims of teacher  hiring contracts and discrimination.

During the recent meeting, Senator Esther Okenyuri, who was nominated, urged  the committee to provide clarification on contract-employed teachers’ eligibility for permanent and pensionable TSC employment.

The circumstance brings to light the persistent hostilities in Kenya between  educators, teachers’ unions, and education authorities.

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