Government Raises Bursaries for Schools by 30% to 40%

Government Raises Bursaries for Schools by 30% to 40%

Government Raises Bursaries for Schools by 30% to 40%

President William Ruto has increased the  National Government Constituencies  Development Fund (NGCDF) bursary  allocation by signing a bill into law,  providing  relief to parents from underprivileged  backgrounds.

By increasing the educational bursary funding from 35 percent to 40 percent, the  amendment amends the NGCDF Act of 2015 and offers vital support for education.

A message from Parliament states that the increased funding for educational  bursaries is anticipated to be crucial in guaranteeing students’ educational  continuity and completion.

The NGCDF will now support social benefits like school feeding programs in  addition to supporting educational endeavors. This is especially important in  drought-stricken areas where children frequently leave out in search of basic requirements  like food and water.

Before the amendment, bursary schemes under the NGCDF were restricted to a maximum of 35 percent of the total constituency allocation in a financial year. The additional funding is poised to complement the government’s efforts to combat illiteracy by increasing access to education and improving transition rates from primary to secondary schools.

Acknowledging the overwhelming demand for bursaries, there have been calls to increase the limit to further support teaching and learning activities. Many schools experienced a high volume of student applications for the bursary fund, which often fell short of meeting the needs, as evidenced during public participation.

The National Government Constituencies Development Fund (Amendment) Bill of 2023, co-sponsored by Leader of the Majority Party Kimani Ichung’wah and Leader of the Minority Party James Opiyo Wandayi, was published on April 24, 2023. The bill, aimed at addressing societal needs, underwent the first reading on June 7, 2023, and was successfully considered and passed by the National Assembly on November 28, 2023.

The principal aim of the measure was to bring the NGCDF Act into compliance with  the Constitution, guaranteeing that the fund is allocated to projects that pertain only  to the purview of the national government.

The recently passed law also establishes a three percent NGCDF allotment for  constituency digital hub expenses, maintenance, and utilities. This measure is  seen as critical to helping young people develop their technical skills and creating  job prospects.

Additionally, the statute sets aside a maximum of five percent of the monies allotted  to each constituency for actions aimed at mitigating the effects of climate change,  such as afforestation, reafforestation, educating the public at large, and growing  tree seedlings.

With this allocation, we hope to make a major impact on both encouraging  sustainable environmental behaviors and preventing more extreme weather events.

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