Three Power Blackouts in Months at JKIA

Three Power Blackouts in Months at JKIA

Three Power Blackouts in Months at JKIA

Another outage at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA) on Sunday rendered operations there completely inoperable.Some people sent images and videos to social media that showed the crowded airport completely dark, even within the terminals.

This year’s third blackout most certainly contributed to the nationwide power outage that shook most of the nation. Since August, there have been three outages.According to a person with knowledge of the situation, only terminals 1A and 1E were impacted.

Although the entire airport was not impacted, it is a national blackout. Only Terminals 1A and 1E were impacted, the source added.”The electricity was restored when that was resolved. There was no impact on the other areas of the airport. There was no power for almost fifteen minutes.”

“There was no impact on the other areas of the airport, such as Terminals 1B, 1C, ID, and 2. The State Pavilion is included in that as well,” the person continued.Travelers bemoaned the absence of facilities at the international airport, which is one of the busiest in Africa, and shared videos of the blackout on social media.”We have frequent blackouts here at JKIA.

“Welcome to Nairobi, our international airport,” muttered one of the passengers.In late August, the airport experienced a power outage that was blamed to system faults by Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen.

KAA stated at the time that one of the generators supporting the parking garage  and Terminal 1A at JKIA had not started. “I sincerely apologize for the darkness that occurred at JKIA. At the time, Murkomen said, “There is no reason why our airport is in darkness, and  there is no excuse worth reporting.” “After a discussion with the airport’s leadership, I will be making an announcement  about the decision we will make tomorrow at 9 a.m. at JKIA. I apologize once more.”

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