CEMASTEA Training to Begin This Week for  JSS Teachers

CEMASTEA Training to Begin This Week for JSS Teachers

CEMASTEA Training to Begin This Week for JSS Teachers

The training program for Junior Secondary  School (JSS) intern teachers will begin  in December 2023, according to the  announcement made by CEMASTEA, the  Center  for Mathematics, Science, and  Technology  Education in Africa.

Expanding on the first cohort’s training that took place in April and May of the same  year, the second training session is slated for December 13–16 for the second cohort.

The circular instructs County Directors to invite JSS teachers to participate in the training on the specified dates, ensuring that only newly recruited teachers assigned to Mathematics and Integrated Science are included. Those who participated in the April/May 2023 training are deemed ineligible.

Additionally, County Directors are tasked with ensuring a balanced distribution of invited teachers across the two subject clusters of Mathematics and Integrated Science. They are also responsible for confirming the readiness of INSET centre(s) hosting the training, purchasing required materials listed in Annex II within the approved budget, and facilitating daily allowances and return transport allowances for participants.

In addition, County Directors are expected to oversee all additional training-related costs in compliance with the approved budget for the December 2023 JSS  County INSET, as well as maintain attendance records and trainer lists. The circular stresses how crucial it is that coordination officers handle these  responsibilities in their entirety.

The overall goal of CEMASTEA’s initiatives is to provide JSS teachers with the  abilities and information required to promote efficient methods of teaching  mathematics and integrated science in junior secondary schools.

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