Church Chaos After Bishop Demands Prado

Church Chaos After Bishop Demands Prado

Church Chaos After Bishop Demands Prado

After rejecting the senior bishop’s demands, a church congregation in Kawangware, Nairobi County, on Sunday erupted into chaos.The church service was shortened as a result of the attendees airing their grievances.

Within the church, the faithful chanted for the bishop to be expelled. ‘Bishop Must Go’ was written on placards they also brandished.The churchgoers said that the bishop had asked the congregation to purchase him a Prado truck, but they were unable to do so. The bishop maintained that he was always ashamed to see other pastors who drove fancy cars.

The congregation grumbled, nevertheless, because they lacked the resources to comply with the pastor’s requests.The church had collected up to a few million to buy a school bus, and the bishop was reportedly furious because he felt that they were not honoring his intentions.

They insisted that the bishop resign from the position since they didn’t agree with the members’ choice.Others added to their complaints by claiming that the bishop frequently disparaged the church elders during sermons.

“I have been depressed since I was his interpreter for a long time because he preached about war and chastised the members. One of the church officials voiced complaints, saying, “He does this especially when we have guests.”Due to the claimed sabotage of the church’s projects, the members further requested that the leaders step in and move the aforementioned pastor.

They further said the bishop was trying to utilize his proxies to take the place of the bank signatories. Members contended that there was a scheme to embezzle money from the church.A water-selling business and the usage of school monies were other points of controversy at the church.

A portion of the church made a demand to view the financial records of the two businesses, including the amount of money received and spent.”There is no way, money cannot be withdrawn from the church’s account without the knowledge of the treasurer,” a different leader said.

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