Ruto Is Urged By Atwoli To Fire CS Ndung’u

Ruto Is Urged By Atwoli To Fire CS Ndung’u

Ruto Is Urged By Atwoli To Fire CS Ndung’u

Prof. Njuguna Ndung’u, the secretary of  the national Treasury cabinet, has come  under fire from the secretary general of  the Central Organization of Trade Unions  (COTU), Francis Atwoli, for his comments  that the government does not have the  funds to pay for important public  expenditures.

Speaking on Saturday in Kisumu, Atwoli chastised the CS for what he described  as inciting fear among Kenyans, claiming that one of his responsibilities is to look  for methods to generate income to fund the government.

According to Atwoli, in his capacity as the head of Treasury, Prof. Ndung’u ought to  be the beacon of hope for Kenyans, outlining policies that will contribute to  revitalizing the country’s economy.

The COTU chief noted that the country is experiencing tough economic times and that it is the role of the CS to find solutions instead of appearing helpless.

He pointed out what he said were idle resources, including Lake Victoria which he said has the potential to earn the country revenue running into billions of shillings by dispatching cruise ships to traverse the regions.

Atwoli said: “You have asked us to pay for housing levy, where are those houses? You have asked us to pay more taxes, and KRA is on our necks, where is this money going? We know we have external debts calculate and let us know if Ndung’u comes out with the report…not to cry the way he was crying…’this governments is broke, I cannot even be able to pay salaries…we’re struggling…’”

If I was (President William) Ruto I will sack him the following day, I will sack him! Because yeye ndio mama, anaambia Watoto eti sasa hii nyumba sijui mtakula nini…you’re instilling fear!”

Atwoli’s comments follow Prof. Ndung’u’s last week, when he testified before the  National Assembly’s financial committee, indications that the government was  encountering difficulties in collecting money, which had an impact on salary  payments and the distribution of the NG-CDF. “NG-

CDF will be released as soon as government has enough funds, at the moment we  are not getting taxes as required and the government is having challenges paying  salaries, so please bear with us, we are working around the clock to make things  work,” Ndung’u said lawmakers on December 6, 2023.

“We are doing everything possible to ensure the disbursement of CDF funds no  matter how little we can.”

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