NHIF Payments to be Made Via Govt 222222 Paybill

NHIF Payments to be Made Via Govt 222222 Paybill

NHIF Payments to be Made Via Govt 222222 Paybill

The public and employers were informed on Sunday by the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF) that going forward, payments for services will only be made using the government paybill number 222222.The organization notified users that the modifications would be implemented immediately in a message that was signed by Chief Executive Elijah Wachira.

“This is in line with the Kenya Gazette No. 16008 of 2022 and the Presidential Directive designating the use of paybill Number 222222 as the Government’s single payment platform,” the statement began. It is recommended that members use NHIFM-ID NUMBER as their account number when making monthly contributions.

Members of the NHIF who were required to pay penalties were instructed to replace NHIFM with NHIFP and then add their ID number. Employers who make contributions on behalf of their staff will henceforth utilize the NHIFEP-EMPLOYER CODE for employer penalties and the NHIFE-ESlip NUMBER as the account number for monthly contributions.

“To access NHIF services, please visit www.selfcare-ecitizen.nhif.or.ke/ or www.nhif.or.ke or the NHIF Mobile App, available on the App  Store or Play Store,” Wachira said. In order to promote efficiency, President William Ruto announced in June that all  government entities will use a single payment method.

Furthermore, he claimed that since there would be fewer in-person encounters, a single paybill would lessen corruption in government offices. Over 1488 paybills run by various government agencies were closed as a result of  President William Ruto’s order.

The CEOs of 17 State Agencies that had refused to abide by the president’s order were called in by the Office of the President on November 8. At the time, Secretary to the Cabinet Mercy Wanjau said that a number of agencies were purposefully keeping separate bank accounts and promoting unapproved payment methods.

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