KMTC Student Commits Suicide Hours to Graduation

KMTC Student Commits Suicide Hours to Graduation

KMTC Student Commits Suicide Hours to Graduation

Following the terrible suicide of 30 year old  Peter Kipngetich Koech, a student at  the Kenya Medical Training College (KMTC),  the Chepseon district in the Kipkelion  East constituency is in a state of shock and  sadness. The mystery surrounding the tragedy has left  the community perplexed.

Koech, who was allegedly going to graduate on Thursday, killed himself by injecting  himself with an unidentified substance. The young man had told his parents on Wednesday that he would be attending the  graduation ceremony in Nairobi’s Kasarani Stadium the following day, according to  an unnamed provincial administration officer. His father gave him Ksh. 15,000 for the occasion; he works as a clinician in one of  Kericho’s hospitals.

On Thursday morning, Koech visited their family houses in Chepseon Market, sought the key from the watchman, and mentioned his intention to relax inside one of the houses. Tragically, he used this opportunity to inject himself with the fatal substance.

The watchman, discovering the grim scene the next morning, found Koech asleep in bed with the needle still in his hand. Disturbed by the sight, the watchman raised an alarm, attracting the attention of others who rushed to the location. Despite their efforts, the young student had already passed away.

Officers from the Chepseon police station were notified and quickly arrived at the  site. After that, the body was taken to the mortuary at Lipton Central Hospital so that a  postmortem examination could be performed in an effort to determine what really  happened before this tragic event. The community is left to mourn and look for explanations for the premature passing  of a bright person.

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