TSC Assures Teachers of Early Salary

TSC Assures Teachers of Early Salary

TSC Assures Teachers of Early Salary

With the guarantee that they will be paid  early before Christmas, teachers will  receive their December salary without  any disruption, according to a top Teachers  Service Commission (TSC) official.

This assertion contrasts with worries expressed by Treasury Cabinet Secretary  Njuguna Ndung’u, who recently said that the government is having financial  difficulties and might not be able to pay public officers’ salaries in December  because of a number of issues, including extreme droughts and how the El Nino  rains have affected revenue collection.

CS Ndung’u underlined the problems the government is facing during his  appearance before the Parliamentary Budget Committee. He cited difficulties  with tax collection  and budget allocations brought on by the unfavorable weather.

In spite of these obstacles, the TSC representative guarantees that teachers will get  their full December salary on schedule. Teachers typically get paid by the 18th or  22nd of the month, at the latest, so they can get ready for the holidays.

Many teachers had expressed concerns about the possibility of missing their December salaries, impacting their holiday plans. However, the TSC insider asserts that the funds are already available to ensure timely payment to teachers.

It’s worth noting recent instances where the government faced challenges in meeting salary obligations, such as the case of Postal Corporation of Kenya (PCK) employees who went without pay for five months. The government eventually settled the outstanding salaries with arrears after pressure from various quarters, including the Senate ICT Committee.

There is currently pressure on the TSC to address the wage modifications for P1  teachers it promoted through deployment to junior secondary. Since many of these  teachers began teaching in Grade 7 in March, they have not received updated  salaries.

Reflecting the larger worries in the education sector, teachers expect that their pay  will remain unchanged.

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